At SmART Career Solutions

we believe...

YOU can create security & stability for yourself with a CAREER INSURANCE PLAN

When you learn what it takes to self-manage your career transitions & trajectory effectively.
This is especially important in today's uncertain job market. 


to finally give yourself permission to seek the sweet spot in your career?

Imagine the possibilities when you can feel confident to manage your career versus “winging it”; know that you have the skills to succeed; have a plan for your goals & the unexpected (career insurance); are ready to crush the competition & prepared for opportunities.

Sounds good, right?

Working with results-proven career transition systems designed by qualified career coaches can cut your job search by months.

The math shows that investment adds up to $$$ SAVED!

It is NOT unusual for a job seeker to take up to 6 months to get a new job. STATS say working with a professional or system speeds up the process by over half. So we are talking about saving 3 months' of salary in the payback


to the lifetime of increased job satisfaction & self management of your career moving forward. It makes sense to your bottom line. A CAREER INSURANCE PLAN.

Careers have changed dramatically in 2020

With creativity being ranked #3 - as one of most desirable skills. CREATIVE Professionals have an opportunity right now,
but you may be feeling....


    If you lack clarity and feel overwhelmed, you're not alone. Let's determine your starting point, needs, and strengths.


    You may find that you need a collaborator: a partner that is committed to your success and knows your struggle first hand.


    We'll DIG DEEP and check your blind spots, obstacles, and self-sabotaging BS. Understand what employers are looking for from you.


    Create a manageable, step-by-step action plan. Collaborate with a partner committed to your success for accountability and momentum.


    Learn what works – KNOW the process. Use proven systems to STOP wasting time Benefits of accessing the Hidden Job Market The power of Networking Managing online presence Matching skills to employers’ needs


    Understand the types, stages & expectations of interviews. How to handle difficult questions with ease & the WHY behind the questions. Use formulas to design your answers, & recognize the questions you NEED to ask. Plus follow-up practices.


    Design GREAT marketing tools, including: portfolios, websites, resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, and infographic resumes.


    Own your accomplishments and stop downplaying your value. Get rid of fear of judgement and rejection.


    Develop confidence by role-play interviews with an expert. Get hands-on practice, professional feedback, and tailored advice.


is Your Self Study Career Jumpstart

This program is for you if...

  • You feel like you don't fit in OR have little to offer a "traditional" workplace

  • Don’t plan ahead, BUT like the idea of being in more control.

  • Get stuck in all or nothing thinking because you see ONLY 2 choices:

    1. Work for money ( & your creative soul dies) OR 2. Work creatively & be poor​.

  • Struggle to see & communicate your transferable creative skills for new workplaces.

  • Have lots of ideas & options but struggle to execute them.

  • Don’t know what to pick - because you can & you want to do it all!


There are 3 key phases in career transition.
Each phase has 3 steps to address. You will:

  • ASSESS Yourself & Situation:
    1. Support Needs; 2. Where to start; 3. Your perspective

  • Get READY:
    4. Planning with Accountability; 5. Learn Effective job search; 6. Learn how-to interview

  • TRAIN: 7. To build marketing tools; 8. To build Confidence; 9. To interview thru Practice.

Our Career Counsellors

Charlene Wright

I'm a creative, like you - so I get it.

As an Artist, Creative Professional & Creativepreneur, for over 30 years, I have made MANY changes over the span of my career. Like you, I love variety and crave new challenges.

I job hopped when I moved from ON to BC, when I was injured on the job, when I was uninspired in a job and when I was inspired to do MORE!

I KNOW the ups & downs, the feeling of instability & the discomfort that comes with “not-knowing” what to do.

So much so, that I trained to be a career counsellor.

After a decade of serving 1000’s of professionals in transition, I know two things for sure, that SO MANY competent professionals HATE job search, and that career coaching really does work.

Until I figured out the secrets to successfully self-manage my career transitions, & just like many of my customers, I made mistakes along the way. I want to prevent you from making them too, so you can save time & money. I invite you to check out my coaching options below.
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Hello from Charlene

Kind Words

Charlene is the light you need to guide you with confidence and creativity towards your goals and passion. Coupled with her a wealth of experience and knowledge her guidance will be the energy you need to help move forward. Can't recommend her enough. 

Esther Redekop

During our mock interview sessions Charlene provided great verbiage/examples of ideal responses, created a variety of questions to ask me, changed questions between sessions to keep me prepared, helped me formulate answers to challenging questions, work around my schedule, created interview questions specific to my field and allowed me to book an additional session to use at my discretion in the future. I highly recommend her.

Nonye Uddoh

Ann Dommasch

Growing up I was always surrounded by music. My musical abilities have allowed me to direct choirs, appear on TV and in earlier years I travelled across Canada with my sister singing in various venues.

Writing has also been a passion of mine and I wrote a great deal of poetry as a child. Revisiting that passion, I’m now is working on a children’s book. My creativity meant when I started working again after children, my job evolved into graphic design. I spend 25 years on my life doing that and truly loved it.

When I was laid off I did some career exploration and discovered employment counselling. Helping others is truly my passion and if I can combine that with writing and marketing? This is my happy place!

I have helped hundreds of people with their marketing tools and, given the opportunity, I’d love to help you to create YOUR personally branded tools that will help you stand out to employers.

Let’s do this!


Personalised Guidance to speed up your Career Jumpstart