Teaching motivated professionals how-to SURVIVE & THRIVE in their career transition

Create a SELF-MANAGEMENT system that addresses YOUR unique emotional, creative & practical needs to achieve success in today’s shifting economy.

Self-Management system to Assess your skills, goals & needs; get Ready; and Train for better results!

Program comes with:
- FREE 1x Weekly FB Q&A with coach related to each phase
- FREE Email access to coach up to 30 days from purchase
- Discounted – 50-min Mock Interviews @ $55.00 each

This program is for you if you want to:

  • Address the TOP 9 PROBLEM AREAS faced in career transition.

  • TAKE BACK CONTROL, make the process less stressful & get better results.

  • Get SUPPORT so you are not alone in the process

  • START the step-by-step process to gain PERSPECTIVE & get clear.

  • Make a PLAN with structure to realize YOUR potential & stop “winging-it”

  • KNOW what to do for effective job search

  • Understand HOW TO prep for & answer questions in the interview

  • Know what really works for MARKETING TOOLS

  • BUILD CONFIDENCE; Communicate CLEARLY & connect

  • Conduct INTERVIEW PRACTICE to get more offers

What's Included

Assessment Phase

Get CLEAR - Assess Your Skills, Goals & Needs

  • Get personalized, professional support
  • Stop feeling so alone in the process
  • Build support systems that work for you.
  • KNOW what kind of support you need.
  • Determine your STARTING POINT
  • Assess your SKILLS & ATTRIBUTES
  • KNOW your work preferences
  • Get CLEAR with long & short-term goals
  • Understand HOW to get there
  • DIG DEEP & Check your: Blind spots,
    Obstacles & Self-Sabotaging BS

Get READY Phase

Make an Accountability PLAN,
Learn How-To Job Search & Interview

  • Create a SMART Goal
  • Develop a manageable step-by-step action plan
  • Build in ACCOUNTABILITY systems
  • Commit to follow-thru
  • Use measuring systems to track progress
  • Understand most effective actions
  • Access the Hidden Job Market
  • Engage your network
  • Learn what to expect
  • KNOW what to do & NOT to do in Job Search
  • Perform in an interview with confidence.
  • Understand the different types of interviews.
  • KNOW why they ask the questions they ask.
  • Use formulas to design great interview answers.
  • Beat out the competition

Tools & Training Phase

Design Great Marketing Tools
Build Confidence
Practice Interviewing for Success

  • Be proud of your marketing tools
  • Have marketing tools that mirror your professionalism.
  • Confidently apply online using keywords and proper SEO.
  • KNOW your message is true to YOU.
  • Understand best practices
  • Own your accomplishments
  • STOP downplaying your value & contribution.
  • KNOW that if you "did-it" then it's not bragging - it's a fact.
  • Impress the interviewer when you qualify & quantify your answers.
  • Remember importance of connection & rapport building
  • Need to really KNOW I am effective when interviewing.
  • Get answers into a script
  • Use creative practice techniques
  • Harness the power of "saying-it-out loud"
  • Get valuable feedback for improvement & success!

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