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To make our services more accessible to our community,
Smart Career Solutions is offering a 20% Discount on
ALL SERVICES. (until further notice)

In addition to the curriculum, YOU have your own Career Coach to...

  • Receive professional 1:1 career coaching support, so you don’t feel so alone & overwhelmed

  • Design, collaborate & co-create a manageable action plan specific for your needs

  • Build in strategic customizations & feedback to improve results

  • Have regular checkpoints keep your momentum up and avoid procrastination

  • Stay focused, motivated & accountable to your goals & dreams

  • Brainstorm and problem solve with to overcome setbacks & obstacles faster

The SMARTSTAR program is for you because you want to:

  • Get 1:1 SUPPORT so you ACE the process

  • Professional confirmation that you are STARTING off on the right foot!

  • Get PERSONALIZED & HONEST feedback

  • Make sure your PERSPECTIVE is serving your NEEDS!

  • Collaborate on designing your ACTION PLAN.


  • ASK questions to be sure you understand JOB SEARCH

  • Brainstorm to develop GREAT answers for the interview

  • Get help designing a RESUME & Cover letter that you're PROUD of

  • Role-play & PRACTICE your interviewing so you ROCK the INTERVIEW

Career Coaching
gives 2.67x

Maintain Momentum

that is committed to your SUCCESS!

    1:1 Coaching
    30-min. Check Your Pulse
    Strategy Session

    G​ET set up for SUCCESS.
    Review your current situation. KNOW where you stand.
    Determine your learning priorities.

  • 3x 50-minute Strategy Sessions
    1:1 Coaching & Review
    Post PHASE 1
    Post PHASE 2
    Post PHASE 3

    Review program content & application. Q&A,
    Discuss insights & challenges.
    Maintain & measure progress with custom feedback.


    BUILD confidence to ACE the interview.
    Role-play with Coach to apply your new skills
    Get immediate constructive feedback & advise.

Kind Words

If you want an Employment Specialist to really care about your individual needs and respect that we are all unique and require unique careers look no further Charlene is passionate about understanding you the ever-changing labor market listening connecting and truly showcasing your skills and talents it would be an understatement to say she is brilliant at what she does she has helped more people than I can count to find a passionate purpose-driven and fulfilling career she has touched the hearts of many and change lives thank you Charlene for changing my life too. 

Karly Laughlin

Charlene is an amazing person behind her work is a servant spirit. I appreciated her guidance and help when I needed it most. She was personal she was interested to see me excel especially at that time when I felt like I was a statistic before career guidance support. She is very knowledgeable and freely shares beyond her scope. This always comes in handy when one needs more than template answers I recommend her 100% thank you Charlene you are a part of my career Journey.

Olivia Mbabazi

SMART Program Alumni can access Month-by-Month
Ongoing 1:1 Coaching
Until you get a JOB

Available 1x, 2x or 3x per month

Meet Your Career Coaches

Charlene Wright

After a decade of helping 1000’s of professionals in career transition get a NEW or BETTER JOB,
I know two things for sure -
1. SO MANY competent professionals HATE job search, and
2. Career Coaching really does work.

Before I FINALLY figured out the secrets of HOW-TO successfully self-manage my career transitions, & just like many of my clients, I made mistakes along the way.

I want to prevent you from making them too, so you can save time & money.

Ann Dommasch

Growing up I was always surrounded by music. My musical abilities have allowed me to direct choirs, appear on TV and in earlier years I travelled across Canada with my sister singing in various venues.

Writing has also been a passion of mine and I wrote a great deal of poetry as a child. Revisiting that passion, I’m now is working on a children’s book. My creativity meant when I started working again after children, my job evolved into graphic design. I spend 25 years on my life doing that and truly loved it.

When I was laid off I did some career exploration and discovered employment counselling. Helping others is truly my passion and if I can combine that with writing and marketing? This is my happy place!

I have helped hundreds of people with their marketing tools and, given the opportunity, I’d love to help you to create YOUR personally branded tools that will help you stand out to employers.

Let’s do this!

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