This tailored program is for YOU and your Coach to:

  • Support you so you don’t feel so alone & overwhelmed

  • Collaborate with & co-create a game plan

  • Strategy Customizations & Feedback

  • Checkpoints keep your momentum up and avoid procrastination

  • Empower you to focus on results and take action

  • Brainstorm or problem solve to overcome setbacks

Personalised Coaching Included

The odds of obtaining employment are 2.67 times higher for job seekers who use a job search support program.

As noted in The Harvard Business Review: “The Effectiveness of Job Search Interventions: A Meta-Analytic Review."

With Personalised Sessions included we know this coaching works.

The program coaching sessions are as follows:

- 30-min Check Your Pulse Readiness Power Session (before start)
- 50-minute Strategy Session @ End of Phase 1
- 50-minute Strategy Session @ End of End of Phase 2
- 50-minute Strategy Session @ End of Phase 3 for MOCK INTERVIEW

Assessment Phase

Get CLEAR - Assess Your Skills, Goals & Needs

  • Get personalized, professional support
  • Stop feeling so alone in the process
  • Build support systems that work for you.
  • KNOW what kind of support you need.
  • Determine your STARTING POINT
  • Assess your SKILLS & ATTRIBUTES
  • KNOW your work preferences
  • Get CLEAR with long & short-term goals
  • Understand HOW to get there
  • DIG DEEP & Check your: Blind spots,
    Obstacles & Self-Sabotaging BS

Get READY Phase

Make an Accountability PLAN,
Learn How-To Job Search & Interview

  • Create a SMART Goal
  • Develop a manageable step-by-step action plan
  • Build in ACCOUNTABILITY systems
  • Commit to follow-thru
  • Use measuring systems to track progress
  • Understand most effective actions
  • Access the Hidden Job Market
  • Engage your network
  • Learn what to expect
  • KNOW what to do & NOT to do in Job Search
  • Perform in an interview with confidence.
  • Understand the different types of interviews.
  • KNOW why they ask the questions they ask.
  • Use formulas to design great interview answers.
  • Beat out the competition

Tools & Training Phase

Design Great Marketing Tools
Build Confidence
Practice Interviewing for Success

  • Be proud of your marketing tools
  • Have marketing tools that mirror your professionalism.
  • Confidently apply online using keywords and proper SEO.
  • KNOW your message is true to YOU.
  • Understand best practices
  • Own your accomplishments
  • STOP downplaying your value & contribution.
  • KNOW that if you "did-it" then it's not bragging - it's a fact.
  • Impress the interviewer when you qualify & quantify your answers.
  • Remember importance of connection & rapport building
  • Need to really KNOW I am effective when interviewing.
  • Get answers into a script
  • Use creative practice techniques
  • Harness the power of "saying-it-out loud"
  • Get valuable feedback for improvement & success!

This program is for you if you want to:

  • TAKE BACK CONTROL, make the process less stressful & get better results.

  • Get SUPPORT so you are not alone in the process

  • START the step-by-step process to gain PERSPECTIVE & get clear.

  • Make a PLAN with structure to realize YOUR potential & stop “winging-it”

  • KNOW what to do for effective job search

  • Understand HOW TO prep for & answer questions in the interview

  • Know what really works for MARKETING TOOLS

  • BUILD CONFIDENCE; Communicate CLEARLY & connect

  • Conduct INTERVIEW PRACTICE to get more offers

Meet Your Career Coaches

Charlene Wright

After a decade of serving 1000’s of professionals in transition, I know two things for sure, that SO MANY competent professionals HATE job search, and that career coaching really does work.

Until I figured out the secrets to successfully self-manage my career transitions, & just like many of my customers, I made mistakes along the way. I want to prevent you from making them too, so you can save time & money. I invite you to check out my coaching options below.

We meet for a Check Your Pulse Session and again at the end of each phase. Our final meeting includes that all important MOCK INTERVIEW

Kind Words

If you want an Employment Specialist to really care about your individual needs and respect that we are all unique and require unique careers look no further Charlene is passionate about understanding you the ever-changing labor market listening connecting and truly showcasing your skills and talents it would be an understatement to say she is brilliant at what she does she has helped more people than I can count to find a passionate purpose-driven and fulfilling career she has touched the hearts of many and change lives thank you Charlene for changing my life too. 

Karly Laughlin

Charlene is an amazing person behind her work is a servant spirit. I appreciated her guidance and help when I needed it most. She was personal she was interested to see me excel especially at that time when I felt like I was a statistic before career guidance support. She is very knowledgeable and freely shares beyond her scope. This always comes in handy when one needs more than template answers I recommend her 100% thank you Charlene you are a part of my career Journey.

Olivia Mbabazi

Ann Dommasch

Growing up I was always surrounded by music. My musical abilities have allowed me to direct choirs, appear on TV and in earlier years I travelled across Canada with my sister singing in various venues.

Writing has also been a passion of mine and I wrote a great deal of poetry as a child. Revisiting that passion, I’m now is working on a children’s book. My creativity meant when I started working again after children, my job evolved into graphic design. I spend 25 years on my life doing that and truly loved it.

When I was laid off I did some career exploration and discovered employment counselling. Helping others is truly my passion and if I can combine that with writing and marketing? This is my happy place!

I have helped hundreds of people with their marketing tools and, given the opportunity, I’d love to help you to create YOUR personally branded tools that will help you stand out to employers.

Let’s do this!

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